Trade and Web Co., is an International Trade consulting firm, centrally located in Florida. Since 1998, we provide import and export consulting, business coaching, marketing and distribution services aimed at small to medium-sized businesses wishing to develop consumer markets worldwide. Our ties with reputable international companies, allow us to support promotion, and marketing of products and services. We strive to give our clientele professional high-end quality services, they ought to expect. Trade and Web Co. mission is to establish bridges in business relationships by engaging in trade activities in North and South America, Europe and Africa. Our team of passionate experts is willing to assess your needs and with you, find solutions that will suit your specific needs.

Our company specializes in these core actions:

Setting a vision and strategy, plan for growth, at both local and international levels

Marketing and competition analysis

Promoting products/services for worldwide exposure

Translating documents and contracts in main languages and interpreting